United Lamp Bios

Ed Bray – LC, IESNA

Senior Lighting Designer and OwnerEd Bray, Owner of United Lamp Supply

As the senior lighting designer for United Lamp Supply, Ed Bray has worked with many Northwest luminaries such as Boeing, Starbucks Coffee, Alaska Airlines, and many other prominate Northwest businesses.

Ed became an LC, (Lighting Certified) after passing the NCQLP’s first exam in 1995, joining the IESNA, (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) in 2000.

Lighting is all about application.  Ed has worked with all kinds of customers, grocery, restaurant, hotel, casino, and airports.  All have different lighting needs that have to be considered.

That’s why you need an expert for your lighting project. With all of these new technologies, how do you know if you’re getting the best system for your money? That’s where United Lamp comes in. We are constantly researching new products that will deliver excellent results in lighting quality and energy and maintenance savings. We work only with established manufactures that stand behind their products.

“There have been many advances in the field of lighting in the past decade” says Bray. New technologies and new light sources such as LED’s, OLED’s, electronic and digital controls have been a real game changer.

In his spare time Ed likes to restore old motorcycles and plays in a classic rock and classic county band.

Ed has two children, both of whom work in the lighting business.

Wendy Stahl

Having previously worked in the floral business, Wendy has been with ULS for over 10 yrs. Her favorite hobbies include gardening, camping, cooking, & taking Gretchen (the shop dog) for walks.

Richard Chavez

Sales (Manager) and Lighting Specialist

Richard Chavez joined United Lamp in 2010, following an earlier career in retail store management.  Richard puts his knowledge of lighting technology and utility incentive programs to use helping multi-family, commercial, and industrial clients create spaces that look great and save power costs for years to come. With energy conservation in mind, Richard advises businesses on lighting technologies and application. Focusing on energy management, light quality, productivity, cost analysis and a detailed knowledge regarding utility company grants, rebates and project funding. Some of Richard’s interests include cooking authentic ethnic cuisines such as Thai, Indian, Mexican and Southern BBQ. The only thing Richard likes more than cooking great food is Eating Great food!

Andrew Fitzgerald

Mr. Fitzgerald joined the United Lamp Supply team in early 2012. His knowledge background is diverse including managing and maintaining networked telecom / industrial communication systems for the federal government, down to installing emergency vehicle equipment (lights & sirens) on police cars in High School during the Summer. Andrew has a real passion for customer service and lighting.  During his time off Mr. Fitzgerald likes to turn wrench on his few and many other friends Mercedes-Benz automobiles. He is also working towards obtaining his pilot’s license so he can start taking those big field trips.

His motto is “make it right the first time so you don’t have to do it again.”

Justin Moore

My name is Justin Moore I have been with United Lamp since 2008. I am a lighting specialist in retrofits, energy conservation and new LED technology. My general interests are snowboarding and spending time with my son.

Jordan Bray

Mr. Bray has been in the United Lamp Supply picture since he was able to walk and talk. Jordan is the son of owner Edward bray and the Grandson of the late founder Donald E. Bray. He is currently enrolled at Pierce College for a Business Management degree. Jordan is also working toward obtaining his Lighting Certification (LC). In his spare time, he works with Andrew repairing Mercedes-Benz automobiles. He has also repairs old vintage dirt bikes, including his own Hodaka, which he rides and shows on the weekends. When he is not getting his hands dirty, Jordan is passionate about music and plays the bass in his spare time.

His motto is, “Always aim for the best.”