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Featured Product: GE LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

Immersion - LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

Key Benefits of the new Immersion RH20 LED Refrigerated display lighting solution:

  • Up to 77% energy savings
  • Lasts 4x longer than fluorescent
  • 50,000 hr life
  • Enhanced visual appeal

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Featured Product: Promolux LED Fresh Food Display Lighting

Immersion - LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

When it comes to sales and the presentation of food displays, it all hinges on how well a case is merchandised and the ability to capture shoppers’ attention.

Accent lighting for food displays along with direct display case lighting can positively impact the sales of a department or store or it can create more problems. For fresh food displays, LED lighting technology and LED food light fixtures offer retailers more choice and options for merchandising their showcases than ever before.

Key Benefits of LED Promolux:

  • Up to 56% energy savings over fluorescents
  • 3 year warranty
  • 50,000 hr life
  • Amazing color – attract shoppers to your products
  • No UV or portions of visible spectrum that damage food
  • 3 days longer than standard LEDs

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Featured Product: LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting

Affordable LED Lighting is here at last. United Lamp offers Area Lights, Wallpacks, Floodlights and more. These LED lamps will save you money on maintenance and relamping. LED’s retain 70% of their initial lumens after 50,000 hours! These are huge efficiency increases over HID, CFL, and Incandescent lamps that mean savings for you in relamping, maintenance and energy bills.

LED Relamping and Maintenance Savings

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Whether you need an an ultra-efficient LED, fluorescent light bulb or just a regular incandescent light bulb, chances are we’ve got it. After all, we’ve got a reputation to uphold…of carrying the widest variety of commercial lighting supplies in the South Sound.

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